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  • Anaboom AD Lotion 50ml
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Anaboom AD Lotion 50ml

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    Anaboom – Ad Lotion

    Anaboom Ad Lotion Is An Anti-Dandruff Leave-On Solution Enriched With Ingredients That Prevents The Root Cause Of Dandruff, Helps To Improve The Condition Of The Hair And Strengthen The Roots. It Promotes Hair Development And Protects The Hair By Regulating Moisture And Oil Production On The Scalp, Thus Preventing Dandruff.

    Benefits Of Anaboom-Ad Lotion:

    1.Dandruff Control: Anaboom Anti-Dandruff Lotion Is Designed To Effectively Control Dandruff, Reducing Flakiness And Itching Associated With Scalp Conditions Like Seborrheic Dermatitis.

    2.Soothing Scalp Relief: This Lotion Contains Ingredients That Soothe And Calm An Irritated Scalp, Providing Relief From Itchiness And Discomfort.

    3.Maintains Scalp Health: Regular Use Of This Lotion Can Help Maintain A Healthy Scalp, Preventing The Recurrence Of Dandruff.

    4.Non-Greasy Formula: The Lotion Is Formulated To Be Non-Greasy, Ensuring It's Easy To Apply And Doesn't Leave The Hair Looking Oily.

    Ingredients Of Anaboom-Ad Lotion:

    1.Light Liquid Paraffin: It Locks Water In And Protects From The Toxins And Other Damaging Environmental Factors (Frost, Strong Wind, Or Sunlight).

    2.Cyclopentasiloxane: Can Help You Detangle Your Hair, Prevent Breakage, And Reduce Frizz.

    3.Piroctone Olamine: Has Antifungal Properties That Make It Ideal For Controlling The Root Cause Of Dandruff.

    4.Tocopherol Acetate: Is A Form Of Vitamin E Used To Treat And Prevent Vitamin Deficiencies.

    5.Butylated Hydroxytoluene: It Acts As An Antioxidant That Helps Maintain The Properties And Performance Of A Product As It Is Exposed To Air.

    Warnings Of Anaboom-Ad Lotion:

    1. Patch Test: Before Applying The Lotion All Over, It's Advisable To Perform A Patch Test On A Small Area Of Your Skin To Ensure You Don't Have An Adverse Reaction.

    2. Avoid Contact With Eyes: Keep The Lotion Away From The Eyes, And If Accidental Contact Occurs, Rinse Thoroughly With Water.

    3. Allergen Check: Individuals With Known Allergies To Any Of The Ingredients Should Refrain From Using Anaboom Ad Lotion.

    Usage Of Anaboom-Ad Lotion:

    1. Apply Liberally: Dispense A Sufficient Amount Of Lotion And Apply It Generously To The Affected Areas Or As Needed.

    2. Gentle Massage: Gently Massage The Lotion Into The Skin Until It Is Absorbed.

    3. Frequency: Use As Often As Required, Especially After Bathing Or When Experiencing Dryness And Itching.

    Side Effects Of Anaboom-Ad Lotion:

    1. Rare Irritation: While This Lotion Is Formulated To Be Gentle, Some Individuals May Experience Mild Irritation, Redness, Or Itching Upon Initial Use. If Such Symptoms Persist, Discontinue Use And Consult A Dermatologist.

    2. Allergic Reactions: Allergic Reactions Are Rare But Possible. If You Experience Hives, Swelling, Or Difficulty Breathing, Seek Immediate Medical Attention.

    Safety Information Of Anaboom-Ad Lotion:

    1. Storage: Store Anaboom Ad Lotion In A Cool, Dry Place, Away From Direct Sunlight And Out Of Reach Of Children.

    2. Consult A Dermatologist: For Individuals With Severe Skin Conditions, It Is Advisable To Consult A Dermatologist Before Incorporating Any New Skincare Product Into Their Routine.

    3. External Use Only: This Lotion Is For External Use Only. Do Not Ingest.

    4. No Steroids Or Fragrances: Anaboom Ad Lotion Is Free From Steroids And Fragrances, Making It A Safer Choice For Sensitive Skin.

    Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Anaboom Ad Lotion And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

    Marketer Details

    Name: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

    Address: Plot No 107/108,Namli Block , Ranipool, East Sikkim 737135

    Country Of Origin: India

    Expires On Or After: March, 2026


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