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  • Anasure 2 Solution 60ml

Anasure 2% Solution 60ml

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Anasure 2% Solution

Anasure 2% Solution Is A Medicine That Contains Minoxidil. It Is Used To Treat Hair Loss. It Promotes Hair Growth By Increasing The Blood Flow To Hair Follicles By Widening The Blood Vessels. It's Essential To Adhere To The Prescribed Regimen.

Benefits Of Anasure 2% Solution:

1.Anasure 2% Solution Is Used To Promote Hair Growth In Men With Male Pattern Baldness.

2.It Can Prevent Further Hair Loss And Help Hair To Regrow.

3.Anasure 2% Solution Works By Increasing Blood Flow To The Hair Follicles On Your Scalp, Which Prevents Hair Cell Death And Enhances New Hair Growth.

Ingredients Of Anasure 2% Solution:

Minoxidil The Active Ingredient, Minoxidil, Is Known To Promote Hair Growth By Increasing Blood Flow To The Hair Follicles And Prolonging The Anagen (Growth) Phase Of Hair.

Warnings Of Anasure 2% Solution:

1. Consult A Dermatologist: Before Using Anasure Solution, It Is Essential To Consult A Dermatologist To Determine The Underlying Cause Of Hair Loss And Ensure This Product Is Suitable For Your Condition.

2. Avoid Contact With Eyes: Care Should Be Taken To Prevent Contact With The Eyes. If Accidental Contact Occurs, Rinse Thoroughly With Water.

3. Not For Children And Women: This Product Is Primarily Intended For Adult Men And Is Not Recommended For Use By Women Or Children.

Usage Of Anasure 2% Solution:

1.Anasure 2% Solution Should Only Be Applied Directly To The Scalp Area In The Amount And In The Way Specified On The Label Or By Your Doctor.

2.Clean And Dry Your Scalp Before Using It.

3.It May Take Approximately 2-4 Months Before You Notice Any Hair Growth.

4.The First Growth May Be Soft, Colourless, And Barely Visible.

5.Using More Than Recommended Will Not Speed Up Hair Growth And May Increase The Likelihood Of Side Effects.

Side Effects Of Anasure 2% Solution:

1.The Most Common Side Effects Of Anasure 2% Solution Include Itching, Excessive Hair Growth, Rash, And Dermatitis.

2.In Case Of Accidental Application In Other Areas, It May Result In Unwanted Hair Growth.

3.Rinse Thoroughly With Plenty Of Water If You Get It In Your Eyes, Mouth, Or Broken Skin.

4.Talk To Your Doctor If You Are Bothered By The Side Effects Or If They Do Not Go Away.

Safety Information Of Anasure 2% Solution:

Consult Your Doctor If Your Condition Does Not Improve Or Worsen After Using Anasure 2% Solution For 4 To 6 Months.

Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Anasure 2% Solution And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

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Country Of Origin: India

Expires On Or After: March, 2026


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