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B4 Nappi Wipes 30's

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B4 Nappi Wipes are water-based wet wipes, specially designed for the baby’s tender skin. It takes care of your baby’s hygiene with the goodness of neem, aloe vera and chamomile extract and protects the skin with skin-friendly pH.


B4 Nappi Wipes cleanses and moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and supple.


B4 Nappi Wipes are free of potential irritating preservatives (MI/MCI), alcohol and paraben, making B4 Nappi the gentlest baby wipes that provide a delicate touch to your baby’s skin.


Disease Overview

Diaper rash is skin rashes in the diaper area. Babies aged 6-9 months have the highest tendency for nappy rash. The major cause for diaper rash is a wet and closed environment created by the diaper and prolonged exposure of the skin to urine and faeces. Diaper rash may become secondarily infected by bacteria or yeast normally present on the skin.


Directions of use


How to Use

Partially peel back seal sticker.

Pull out wipes as required.

Gently wipe the area to be cleaned.

Reseal the sticker firmly to prevent drying up of wipes.




B4 Nappi Wipes remove the irritants in the diaper area gently.

Helps restore the skin’s natural, healthy pH balance.

Exerts mild anti-microbial action.

Sanitises & deodorises the skin.

Can also be used to gently remove the barrier cream from the nappy area.

Extremely gentle to your baby’s skin as it does not contain harmful preservatives.




Aloe vera extract

Neem extract

Chamomile extract

Vitamin E


Warnings & precautions


For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

Do not flush.

Avoid direct sun exposure.

Store in a cool, dry area.


Trivia & myth busters



Wipes can dry and irritate the skin.


All baby wipes are typically made with the same materials. The few common components include materials for strength, softness and ingredients for a gentle clean. When choosing a wipe, make sure you look for a brand that is alcohol-free so that it doesn’t dry or sting the skin and that is paraben-free and free from potential irritating preservatives such as MI. Using baby wipes like these can help prevent skin irritation for your little one.


Myth 2

Baby wipes cannot be used on the face.

Fact 2

Look for water-based wipes that are chemical and paraben-free. They do not have the tendency to irritate the skin and can be used on a baby’s face.

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