• Dankare%20Plus%20Lotion
  • Dankare%20Plus%20Lotion
  • Dankare%20Plus%20Lotion

Dankare Plus Lotion

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    Dankare Plus Scalp Solution is a herbal shampoo for routine maintenance of scalp & hair. This is one of the best hair care lotions ideal for several types of hair loss like pattern baldness, hormonal changes, and fungal infection in the scalp.

    Uses of Dankare Plus Scalp Solution, 100 ml

    Hair Care

    Key Benefits

    • Makes hair manageable, silky and clears scales
    • An antidandruff, antipsoriatic, and antiseborrhoeic, pH controlled shampoo

    Directions for Use

    • Use as directed by the physician product label

    Safety Information

    • Read the instructions carefully before use
    • Keep out of the reach of children
    • Store in cool and dry place

    Key Ingredients

    Salicylic Acid , Undecylinic Acid.


    1. How does Dankare Plus Lotion treat hair loss?

    It is a combination of two antifungal medicines that kills the fungi causing the infection and relieves itching, irritation, and helps in hair regrowth. 

    2. Can Dankare Plus Lotion cause hair loss?

    Although some hair loss is common, on a daily basis, the presence of dandruff itself can cause a lot of hair loss.

    3. When should I avoid Dankare Plus Lotion?

    If you develop itching or stinging from using Dankare Plus Lotion, stop using it. In addition to this, if you observe any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, or shortness of breath it is advised to seek immediate medical attention. 

    4. How long should I use Dankare Plus Lotion to see results?

    This drug should be used regularly to get the most benefit. Do not use more than it’s required as it won’t clear your condition faster and may increase side effects. 

    5. How does Dankare Plus Lotion work?

    Dankare Plus Lotion works by killing the fungi growth that causes dandruff. 

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