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  • Densita Shampoo with Conditioner

Densita Shampoo with Conditioner

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Densita Shampoo With Conditioner

Densita Shampoo With Conditioner Is A High-Quality Hair Care Product Designed To Promote Healthy And Voluminous Hair. This Innovative Formula Combines The Cleansing Power Of A Shampoo With The Nourishing Benefits Of A Conditioner, Providing A Convenient All-In-One Product For Your Hair Care Needs.

Benefits Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner:

1. Hair Strengthening: Densite Shampoo With Conditioner Is Formulated To Strengthen Hair Follicles, Reducing Breakage And Hair Loss.

2. Improved Hair Density: Regular Use Can Lead To Improved Hair Density, Making Hair Look Fuller And Thicker.

3. Enhanced Shine: This Product Can Impart A Natural Shine To The Hair, Making It Appear Healthier And More Vibrant.

4. Scalp Health: It Helps Maintain A Healthy Scalp, Reducing Dandruff And Itching.

5. Convenience: The Inclusion Of A Conditioner In The Formula Simplifies The Hair Care Routine, Saving Time And Effort.

Ingredients Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner:

1.Procapil: Provides Anti-Aging Activity On The Root Sheath, Stimulates Adhesion Proteins Of The Root Sheath, Stimulates Microcirculation-Prevents Follicle Ageing Caused By Dht Thereby Prevents Hair Fall.

2.Hydrolysed Keratin, Vital Amino Acids: An Optimised Solution That Delivers Smart Performance For Balanced Hair Moisture. Provides Nourishment For Instant Conditioning And Excellent Frizz Protection For Straight And Curly Hair.

3.Argan Oil: Prevents Disorders Associated With Greasiness By Reducing The Sebum Secretion. Increased Hair Elasticity And Consistently Restores Shine To Dull, Lifeless Hair. Powerful Antioxidant,Uv-Protector And Free Radical Neutralizer.

Warnings Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner:

1. Patch Test: Before Full Application, Perform A Patch Test To Check For Allergic Reactions Or Sensitivities.

2. Avoid Contact With Eyes: Keep The Product Away From The Eyes, And If Contact Occurs, Rinse Thoroughly With Water.

3. External Use Only: This Product Is For External Use On The Scalp And Hair Only.

Usage Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner:

1. Wet Hair: Wet Your Hair Thoroughly.

2. Apply: Apply An Adequate Amount Of Densite Shampoo With Conditioner To Your Scalp And Hair.

3. Massage: Gently Massage The Product Into Your Scalp For A Few Minutes.

4. Rinse: Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly With Lukewarm Water.

5. Repeat: For Best Results, Use Regularly, As Instructed On The Packaging.

Side Effects Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner:

1. Allergic Reactions: Some Individuals May Experience Allergic Reactions To Certain Ingredients. Discontinue Use If Redness, Itching, Or Irritation Occurs.

2. Excessive Dryness: Overuse Of The Product Can Lead To Dryness. Adjust The Frequency Of Use Based On Your Hair Type And Needs.

3. Product Buildup: Prolonged Use Without Proper Cleansing Can Lead To Product Buildup. Periodically Use A Clarifying Shampoo To Remove Residue.

Safety Information Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner:

1. Storage: Store The Product In A Cool, Dry Place, Away From Direct Sunlight.

2. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children: Ensure That Children Do Not Have Access To The Product.

3. Consult A Dermatologist: If You Have Specific Scalp Or Hair Concerns Or Are Unsure About Using The Product, Consult A Dermatologist Before Starting Any New Hair Care Routine.

4. Follow Instructions: Always Follow The Manufacturer's Instructions On The Product Label For The Best Results And Safety.

Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Densita Shampoo With Conditioner And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

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Name: Regaliz India Ltd

Address: Regaliz India Ltd., 310, Western Edge - Ii, Western Express Highway, Borivali (East), Mumbai - 400 066, Maharashtra, India.

Country Of Origin: India

Expires On Or After: July, 2026


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