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Ecglow G Tab

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    Ecglow G Tablet

    Ecglow G 600 Tablet is a multimineral, multivitamin and antioxidants supplement and is effective in managing liver diseases. The tablet improves the functioning of the liver. Vitamins and minerals in this tablet replenish the body's nutrient reserves, which aid in the proper functioning of the cells and tissues and maintain healthy skin and good vision.

    Benefits Of ECGlow G Tablet:

    1. Antioxidant Support: Ecglow G Tablet contains a combination of antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid, beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10, glutathione, and grape seed extract, which help to neutralise harmful free radicals in the body and protect skin cells from oxidative damage.

    2. Skin Health: The antioxidants present in Ecglow G Tablet contribute to overall skin health by promoting collagen production, reducing oxidative stress, and maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.

    3. Anti-aging Effects: Coenzyme Q10, glutathione, and grape seed extract are known for their anti-aging properties, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, and promoting a youthful complexion.

    4. UV Protection: Beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, helps to protect the skin from UV-induced damage and may reduce the risk of sunburn and premature ageing caused by sun exposure.

    5. Folic Acid Supplementation: Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, supports healthy cell division and regeneration, contributing to overall skin renewal and repair.

    Ingredients Of ECGlow G Tablet:

    1. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting skin cells from oxidative damage and promoting skin health.

    2. Beta-Carotene: Converted to vitamin A in the body, beta-carotene helps to maintain skin health and provides UV protection.

    3. Coenzyme Q10: Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, promoting a youthful complexion.

    4. Folic Acid: Supports healthy cell division and regeneration, contributing to overall skin renewal and repair.

    5. Glutathione: Acts as an antioxidant and helps to lighten skin tone by reducing the production of melanin.

    6. Grape Seed Extract: Rich in antioxidants, grape seed extract helps to protect skin cells from damage and maintain skin elasticity.

    Warnings Of ECGlow G Tablet:

    1. Consult a healthcare professional before using Ecglow G Tablet, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    2. Do not exceed the recommended dosage unless directed by a healthcare provider.

    3. Keep out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion.

    4. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if you experience any adverse reactions or allergies.

    Usage Of ECGlow G Tablet:

    1. Take Ecglow G Tablet orally with water, as directed by a healthcare professional.

    2. The dosage may vary depending on individual needs and medical conditions.

    3. It is typically taken once daily with or without food.

    4. Follow the instructions provided on the product label or as advised by a healthcare provider.

    Side Effects Of ECGlow G Tablet:

    1. Ecglow G Tablet is generally well-tolerated when taken as directed.

    2. Some individuals may experience mild side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort or allergic reactions.

    3. Discontinue use and seek medical attention if you experience any severe or persistent side effects.

    Safety Information Of ECGlow G Tablet:

    1. Store Ecglow G Tablet in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

    2. Do not use it if the seal is broken or tampered with.

    3. Use Ecglow G Tablet strictly as directed and do not exceed the recommended dosage.

    4. If you have any concerns about the product or its ingredients, consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

    Note: It is essential to read and follow the instructions provided with the specific brand or formulation of Eberbest Cream and consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalised advice regarding its use in dermatology.

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