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  • Glutone 1000 Tablets
  • Glutone 1000 Tablets
  • Glutone 1000 Tablets

Glutone 1000 Tablets

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    Glutone effervescent Tablet effectively lightens the skin and its regular consumption also helps to boost immunity, stamina and detoxification. It designed to harness skin lightening benefits of Glutathione. It works by encouraging production of lighter melanin pigment (pheomelanin) over its darker counterpart (eumelanin).

    Glutone effervescent Tablet gives skin lightening & anti-wrinkle benefits. It improves uneven skin tone, skin glow and radiance. It also reduces wrinkles in skin, nourishes skin tone in both expose and covered body parts. It provides the benefits of glutathione and vitamin C that helps to improve to immune function and promotes normal collagen synthesis in skin. It brings radiance on the skin.

    Key Composition of Glutone effervescent Tablet:

    • L-Glutathione
    • N-Acetyl cysteine
    • Vitamin C

    Therapeutic uses of Glutone effervescent Tablet:

    • Treats Photo aging
    • Improves uneven skin tone
    • Gives skin glow and radiance
    • Reduces Wrinkles
    • Improves skin tone in both exposed & covered body parts

    Side effects of Glutone effervescent Tablet:

    Glutone effervescent Tablet generally won’t cause any side effects. Take it as advised by the doctor. Read the label carefully before use.

    Safety Advice:

    • Recommended dose is one tablet daily in the morning or as directed by the physician.
    • Do not take if you are allergic to this tablet or any of its components.
    • Check with your physician, if you experience any unusual side effects.
    • Tell your doctor about all the medicines you use, including prescription and non-prescription medicines and herbal supplements.
    • It should be used with caution in pregnant women. Consult your doctor before taking.

    More Information:

    • Keep out of the reach and sight of children
    • Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C


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