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  • Humollient Moisturising Cream 100g
  • Humollient Moisturising Cream 100g

Humollient Moisturising Cream 100g

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Humollient Moisturizing Cream

Humollient Moisturizing Cream is a premium skincare product designed to provide intense hydration and nourishment to your skin. Formulated with a blend of powerful ingredients, this cream helps restore and maintain your skin's natural moisture balance, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face and body.


1. Hydration and Nourishment: Humollient Moisturising Cream is crafted to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin, making it suitable for individuals with varying skin types.

2. Contributes to calming the skin, reducing redness and irritation.

3. Aloe Vera helps maintain skin moisture and freshness.

4. Contributes to skin hydration and helps in maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance.

5. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, Sweet Almond Oil helps in moisturising and softening the skin.


1. Paeonia Lactiflora Extract: Soothes the skin and reduces redness.

2. Aloe Vera: Provides hydration and soothes the skin.

3. Hypnea Musciformis Extract: Contributes to skin hydration.

4. Gelidiella Acerosa Extract: Adds to skin hydration and nourishment.

5. Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturises and softens the skin.


1. Allergies: Individuals with known allergies to any of the ingredients should perform a patch test or consult a dermatologist before using.

2. Avoid Contact with Eyes: Direct contact with eyes should be avoided, and in case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water.


1. Apply as Needed: Humollient Moisturising Cream can be applied liberally to the face and body, especially focusing on dry or rough areas.

2. Gentle Massage: Gently massage the cream into the skin until fully absorbed for optimal moisturization.

3. Daily Use: Suitable for daily use, preferably after cleansing or bathing, to lock in moisture.

Side Effects:

1. Rare Irritation: In rare cases, individuals may experience mild skin irritation. Discontinue use if irritation persists.

2. Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may be allergic to specific ingredients; therefore, it's essential to monitor for any adverse reactions.

Safety Information:

1. Patch Test: It is advisable to perform a patch test before widespread use, especially for those with sensitive skin or a history of allergies.

2. Consultation with Dermatologist: Individuals with specific skin concerns or conditions should seek advice from a dermatologist before incorporating Humollient Moisturising Cream into their skincare routine.

3. Storage: Store the cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its efficacy.

Note: It is essential to read and follow the instructions provided with the specific brand or formulation of Humollient Moisturising Cream and consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalised advice regarding its use in dermatology.

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