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  • Keto Lotion 50ml
  • Keto Lotion 50ml
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Keto Lotion 50ml

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Keto Lotion

Keto Lotion Is A Topical Skincare Product That Has Gained Popularity In The Indian Dermatology Landscape. It Is Primarily Used For Various Skin Conditions And Is Known For Its Unique Ingredients And Potential Benefits. Keto Lotion Contains Ketoconazole Which Belongs To The Group Of Medicines Called Antifungals. It Is Used In Adults To Treat Fungal And Yeast Infections Which May Appear On The Skin Of The Hands, Feet, Genital Area, Trunk, Groin, Scalp, Face, Chest Or Back.

Benefits Of Keto Lotion:

1. Anti-Fungal Properties: Keto Lotion Contains Ketoconazole, Which Is Effective In Treating Fungal Skin Infections Such As Ringworm, Athlete's Foot, And Jock Itch.

2. Dandruff Treatment: It Can Be Used To Manage Dandruff And Seborrheic Dermatitis, Conditions Commonly Faced By Many Indians Due To Varying Climates And Lifestyles.

3. Reduction Of Itchiness: Keto Lotion Can Alleviate Itching And Inflammation Associated With Fungal Infections, Providing Relief To Patients.

4. Control Of Skin Conditions: Dermatologists Often Recommend It For Managing Conditions Like Pityriasis Versicolor, A Fungal Infection That Causes Discoloured Patches On The Skin.

Ingredients Of Keto Lotion:

1. Ketoconazole: The Active Ingredient In Keto Lotion, Ketoconazole, Is An Antifungal Medication That Targets The Growth Of Fungi On The Skin.

2. Other Ingredients: The Lotion May Also Contain Inactive Ingredients Like Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, And Glycerine For Texture And Moisturising Effects.

Warnings Of Keto Lotion:

1. Allergies: Individuals With Known Allergies To Ketoconazole Or Any Other Ingredients In The Lotion Should Avoid Using It.

2. Avoid Eye Contact: Avoid Contact With Eyes, As Keto Lotion Can Cause Irritation. In Case Of Accidental Contact, Rinse Thoroughly With Water.

3. Pregnancy And Breastfeeding: Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women Should Consult A Dermatologist Before Using Keto Lotion To Ensure Safety For Themselves And Their Infants.

Usage Of Keto Lotion:

1. Cleanse Skin: Start With Clean, Dry Skin Before Applying Keto Lotion To The Affected Area.

2. Application Frequency: Dermatologists Typically Recommend Applying A Thin Layer Of The Lotion Once Or Twice Daily, Depending On The Severity Of The Condition.

3. Massage Gently: Gently Massage The Lotion Into The Skin Until It Is Absorbed. Ensure Even Coverage Over The Affected Area.

4. Duration Of Use: Follow The Prescribed Duration Of Use Recommended By A Healthcare Professional. Even If Symptoms Improve, It's Crucial To Complete The Treatment Course.

Side Effects Of Keto Lotion:

1. Skin Irritation: Some Individuals May Experience Mild Skin Irritation, Redness, Or A Burning Sensation At The Application Site.

2. Allergic Reactions: Rarely, Severe Allergic Reactions Like Rash, Swelling, Or Itching May Occur. Discontinue Use And Seek Immediate Medical Attention If This Happens.

3. Hair Texture Changes: In The Case Of Scalp Use, Keto Lotion May Temporarily Affect Hair Texture, Making It More Manageable.

Safety Information Of Keto Lotion:

1. Consultation: It's Essential To Consult With A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Provider Before Using Keto Lotion To Ensure The Appropriate Diagnosis And Treatment Plan.

2. Storage: Store The Lotion At Room Temperature, Away From Direct Sunlight And Moisture.

3. Keep Out Of Reach: Keep Keto Lotion Out Of The Reach Of Children.

4. Follow Instructions: Adhere To The Instructions Provided By The Dermatologist Or On The Product Label For Best Results And Safety.

Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Keto Lotion And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

Marketer Details

Name: Med Manor Organics Pvt Ltd

Address: 16-11-477/45, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad-500036, Telangana, India.

Country Of Origin: India

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