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Curatio Health Care Pvt Ltd

Kojic Cream 25g

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KOJIC is a skin lightening cream, targeted towards reducing dark/black spots present on the face post-acne (or pimples) to restore beauty.

KOJIC has three active ingredients with a proven clinical record for skin lightening.

KOJIC is oil free, non-irritating and non-comedogenic (i.e. it does not block the pores).

Disease Overview

Acne Induced Hyperpigmentation (AIH) is a type of hyperpigmentation, characterised by dark discolouration of the skin due to inflammation caused by recurring acne or pimples. These dark Spots are present on the forehead, cheeks, chin and on all the acne-prone regions on the face.


Directions of use

Before application of KOJIC, cleanse your face with a suitable facewash to exfoliate the dead skin and remove excess oil.

Apply KOJIC on the Acne spots with unique Spot applicator. Recommended for twice daily application (once during daytime and once during night)

After application of KOJIC, apply a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Spending time in sun may increase the severity of Acne induced Hyperpigmentation. To control this exacerbation, it is recommended to apply a sunscreen of Minimum 50 SPF.




Unlike other skin lightening creams, KOJIC is not photosensitive, so can be applied even during the daytime.

KOJIC comes with a unique spot applicator to enable the patients to effectively apply it directly over acne spots.

The ingredients in KOJIC have been known for their efficacy in skin lightening.

KOJIC is easily spreadable, non-comedogenic and is oil-free. It is also a non-irritant to the skin.

KOJIC is steroid-free and hence it is devoid of side-effects.





Kojic Acid Dipalmitate



Warnings & precautions

KOJIC is strictly for external use only.

The safety of KOJIC during pregnancy and on children (12 years and under) has not been tested.


Trivia & myth busters


Hyperpigmentation can be cured by any cream/product in just 1 week.


It takes at least 4 weeks to reverse the hyperpigmentation and get a spotless skin.


Steroids are the best for skin lightening.


Hydroquinones and steroids although proven in skin lightening, should not be used for more than 2 weeks. They have irreversible side effects which could lead to permanent darkening of the skin.


Sun exposure triggers acne induced hyperpigmentation.


Sun exposure does not trigger acne induced hyperpigmentation (AIH). The root cause of these dark spots is sebum overproduction, inflammation associated with acne. The sun can only exacerbate/increase the severity of AIH. Since sun exposure can exacerbate AIH, it is recommended to wear a 50 SPF sunscreen, hat and sunglasses when stepping out in the sun.

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