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  • Nemus Hair Serum 90ml
  • Nemus Hair Serum 90ml
  • Nemus Hair Serum 90ml

Nemus Hair Serum 90ml

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    Nemus Hair Serum

    Nemus Hair Serum Is A Premium-Quality Hair Care Solution Designed To Nourish And Revitalise Your Hair. This Specially Formulated Serum Is Packed With Essential Nutrients And Active Ingredients That Promote Healthy Hair Growth, Enhance Shine, And Provide Overall Hair Rejuvenation.

    Benefits Of Nemus Hair Serum:

    1. Promotes Hair Growth: Nemus Hair Serum Is Designed To Stimulate Hair Follicles And Encourage The Growth Of New Hair, Making It Beneficial For Those With Thinning Hair Or Hair Loss Issues.

    2. Prevents Hair Damage: It Provides A Protective Barrier To Hair, Shielding It From Environmental Stressors Such As Pollution And Uv Rays, Thus Reducing Damage.

    3. Strengthens Hair: The Serum Contains Ingredients That Strengthen The Hair Shaft, Reducing Breakage And Split Ends.

    4. Adds Shine: Nemus Hair Serum Imparts A Healthy Shine To The Hair, Making It Appear Lustrous And Well-Nourished.

    5. Controls Frizz: It Tames Unruly Hair And Minimises Frizz, Leaving The Hair Manageable And Smooth.

    Ingredients Of Nemus Hair Serum:

    1. Niacinamide: A Form Of Vitamin B3, Niacinamide Improves Blood Circulation In The Scalp, Promoting Healthy Hair Growth.

    2.L-Arginine: Help Improve Blood Circulation To The Scalp, Which Can Promote Hair Growth And Prevent Hair Loss.

    3.Biotin: Biotin Is A Key Ingredient That Supports Hair Growth And Strength.

    4.D-Panthenol: Pro Vitamin B5 Functions As A Humectant That Increases The Water Content Of Hair And Improves Its Elasticity.

    5.Procapil: A Patented Ingredient Known To Strengthen Hair Roots And Prevent Hair Loss. It Helps Hair Follicle Anchorage, Increasing The Cells In The Hair Bulb.

    6.Copper Polypeptides: It Has The Ability To Penetrate Beneath The Epidermis On Your Scalp. Enriched With Alanine, Lysine And Histidine.

    7. Dimethicone: It Is Used To Provide A Protective Coating On The Hair Shaft, Which Can Help To Reduce Frizz, Improve Shine, And Prevent Breakage.

    8. Aloe Vera: Provides Soothing And Moisturising Effects, Making It Suitable For Sensitive Skin.

    9.Castor Oil: Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties Can Reduce Dandruff. Boost Hair Growth Up To Five Times The Usual Rate.

    Warnings Of Nemus Hair Serum:

    1. Allergy Warning: Perform A Patch Test Before Using To Check For Any Allergic Reactions.

    2. Avoid Eye Contact: Keep The Serum Away From The Eyes, And If Contact Occurs, Rinse Thoroughly.

    3. For External Use Only: Do Not Ingest The Serum; It Is Meant For Topical Application.

    4. Consult A Dermatologist: If You Have Any Underlying Scalp Or Hair Conditions, Consult A Dermatologist Before Using.

    5. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children: Ensure The Serum Is Not Accessible To Children To Prevent Accidental Ingestion.

    Usage Of Nemus Hair Serum:

    1. Cleanse Hair: Wash Your Hair With A Gentle Shampoo And Let It Air Dry Or Pat Dry With A Towel.

    2. Apply Serum: Take A Small Amount Of Nemus Hair Serum And Apply It Evenly To Damp Hair.

    3. Massage In: Gently Massage The Serum Into Your Scalp And Along The Length Of Your Hair.

    4. Style As Usual: You Can Style Your Hair As Usual, Whether You Choose To Blow-Dry, Air-Dry, Or Use Other Styling Tools.

    Side Effects Of Nemus Hair Serum:

    1. Mild Irritation: Some Users May Experience Mild Scalp Irritation, Which Should Subside After A Few Applications. Discontinue Use If Irritation Persists.

    2. Greasy Hair: Using Too Much Serum May Make Your Hair Appear Greasy. Use Sparingly To Avoid This.

    3. Allergic Reactions: In Rare Cases, Individuals May Be Allergic To Certain Ingredients. If You Experience Itching, Redness, Or Swelling, Discontinue Use And Seek Medical Advice.

    Safety Information Of Nemus Hair Serum:

    1.Storage: Store Nemus Hair Serum In A Cool, Dry Place, Away From Direct Sunlight.

    2. Expiration: Check The Expiration Date On The Packaging And Avoid Using Expired Products.

    3. Pregnancy And Nursing: Consult A Healthcare Professional Before Using During Pregnancy Or While Nursing.

    4. Cruelty-Free: Nemus Hair Serum Is Not Tested On Animals, Promoting Ethical Use.

    5. Paraben And Sulphate-Free: It Is Free From Harmful Parabens And Sulphates, Making It A Safer Choice For Your Hair.

    Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Nemus Hair Serum And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

    Marketer Details

    Name: Nemus Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

    Address: Plot No.544, Kiadb, Belur Industrial Area, Belur Dharwad-580011

    Country Of Origin: India

    Expires On Or After: August , 2026


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