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  • Omnifade Serum 30ml

Omnifade Serum 30ml

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Omnifade Serum

Omnifade targets stubborn discoloration with an innovative formula designed to fade existing dark spots and prevent occurrences of new spots. Powered with our unique smart probiotic technology, balance of skin’s microbiome is ensured and leads to healthy glowing well balanced skin .

Benefits Of Omni Fade Serum:

1. Skin Brightening: Omnifade Serum contains ingredients like tranexamic acid, azelaic acid, and citrus limon, which help to lighten hyperpigmentation and promote a brighter, more even skin tone.

2. Anti-inflammatory: Bisabolol and piper longum fruit extract in the serum have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

3. Exfoliation: Azelaic acid and carica papaya extract contribute to gentle exfoliation, promoting skin cell turnover and improving skin texture.

4. Antioxidant Protection: Jasminum flower extract provides antioxidant protection, helping to combat free radical damage and prevent premature ageing of the skin.

Ingredients Of Omni Fade Serum:

1. Tranexamic Acid: Helps to reduce melanin production and lighten hyperpigmentation.

2. Azelaic Acid: Promotes exfoliation, reduces inflammation, and lightens dark spots.

3. Bisabolol: Soothes and calms the skin, reducing redness and irritation.

4. Piper Longum Fruit Extract: Possesses anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe irritated skin.

5. Carica Papaya: Contains enzymes that gently exfoliate the skin, promoting a smoother complexion.

6. Citrus Limon: Helps to brighten the skin and lighten dark spots.

7. Jasminum Flower Extract: Provides antioxidant protection and has skin-soothing properties.

Warnings Of Omni Fade Serum:

1. Patch Test: Perform a patch test before using Omnifade Serum, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

2. Sun Sensitivity: Some ingredients in the serum, such as azelaic acid and citrus limon, may increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Use sunscreen during the day and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

3. Avoid Contact with Eyes: Avoid getting the serum into the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

4. Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs: If irritation, redness, or rash develops after using the serum, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

5. External Use Only: For external use only. Avoid ingestion and contact with open wounds or broken skin.

Usage Of Omni Fade Serum:

1. Cleansing: Start with a clean and dry face.

2. Application: Apply a few drops of Omnifade Serum onto the affected areas of the skin, such as dark spots or hyperpigmented areas.

3. Massage: Gently massage the serum into the skin using upward circular motions until fully absorbed.

4. Frequency: Use the serum once or twice daily, preferably in the evening, as part of your skincare routine.

Side Effects Of Omni Fade Serum:

1. Skin Irritation: Some individuals may experience mild skin irritation, such as redness, itching, or stinging, particularly when first using the serum. This usually subsides with continued use.

2. Sun Sensitivity: Certain ingredients in the serum may increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, leading to sunburn or skin irritation if adequate sun protection is not used.

Safety Information Of Omni Fade Serum:

1. Storage: Store Omnifade Serum in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

2. Keep Out of Reach of Children: Keep the serum out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion.

3. Consultation: Consult a dermatologist before using Omnifade Serum if you have any underlying skin conditions or are using other topical medications.

4. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen over the serum during the day to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and minimise the risk of sun sensitivity.

Note: It is essential to read and follow the instructions provided with the specific brand or formulation of Omnifade Serum and consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalised advice regarding its use in dermatology.

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