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  • Onigrow Hair Oil 100ml
  • Onigrow Hair Oil 100ml
  • Onigrow Hair Oil 100ml

Onigrow Hair Oil 100ml

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    Onigrow Hair Oil

    Onigrow Hair Oil Is A Revolutionary Hair Care Solution Designed To Promote Healthy Hair Growth And Nourish Your Scalp. This Premium Hair Oil Is Meticulously Crafted Using A Blend Of Natural Ingredients That Work Synergistically To Deliver Outstanding Results. With Onigrow Hair Oil, You Can Experience The Joy Of Luscious, Strong, And Vibrant Hair.

    Benefits Of Onigrow Hair Oil:

    1. Hair Growth Promotion: Onigrow Hair Oil Is Formulated To Stimulate Hair Follicles, Leading To Increased Hair Growth, Especially In Cases Of Thinning Hair Or Hair Loss.

    2. Strengthens Hair: Regular Use Of Onigrow Helps Strengthen Hair Strands, Reducing Breakage And Making Hair More Resilient.

    3. Prevents Dandruff: The Natural Ingredients In Onigrow, Have Antifungal Properties That Help In Controlling Dandruff And Maintaining A Healthy Scalp.

    4. Improves Scalp Health: It Nourishes The Scalp, Reducing Itchiness And Flakiness, Which Are Common Scalp Issues In India's Diverse Climate.

    5. Adds Shine And Lustre: Onigrow Hair Oil Imparts A Natural Shine To The Hair, Making It Look Healthier And More Vibrant.

    Ingredients Of Onigrow Hair Oil:

    1. Coconut Oil: Known For Its Moisturising Properties, Coconut Oil Nourishes The Scalp And Hair.

    2.Allium Cepa Bulb (Onion)Extract: Strengthens Hair Follicle Health And Clarifies Blocked Roots.

    3.Jojoba Seed Oil: It Strengthens Hair, It Also Helps In Preventing Hair Loss And Promoting Hair Thickness.

    4.Rapeseed Oil: Improves The Condition Of The Hair And Scalp, Combats Dandruff, Prevents Hair Loss And The Ends From Splitting.

    5.Linseed Oil: Used To Promote Healthy Hair Growth And Prevent Dry And Lacklustre Locks.

    6.Sesame Seed Oil: It Can Moisturise, Condition, And Strengthen Hair, As Well As Prevent Breakage, Split Ends, And Damage From Chemicals.

    7.Sunflower Oil: It Can Prevent Hair Breakage And Make It Seem Like Hair Is Growing Faster.

    Warnings Of Onigrow Hair Oil:

    1. Allergies: Perform A Patch Test Before Applying To Check For Any Allergic Reactions.

    2. Avoid Contact With Eyes: Keep Onigrow Hair Oil Away From The Eyes And Rinse Immediately If It Comes In Contact With Them.

    Usage Of Onigrow Hair Oil:

    1. Apply To Scalp: Take A Small Amount Of Onigrow Hair Oil And Gently Massage It Into Your Scalp Using Your Fingertips.

    2. Spread Through Hair: After Applying To The Scalp, Spread The Oil Through The Length Of Your Hair.

    3. Leave On: Leave The Oil On For At Least 2-3 Hours Or Overnight For Best Results.

    4. Wash Out: Shampoo And Rinse Thoroughly To Remove The Oil. Repeat 2-3 Times A Week.

    Side Effects Of Onigrow Hair Oil:

    1. Allergic Reactions: Some Individuals May Experience Allergic Reactions, Such As Itching Or Redness. Discontinue Use If This Occurs.

    2. Excess Oiliness: Overuse May Lead To Excessive Oiliness, So It's Essential To Find The Right Frequency Of Use For Your Hair Type.

    Safety Information Of Onigrow Hair Oil:

    1. External Use Only: Onigrow Hair Oil Is For External Use Only. Do Not Ingest.

    2. Store In A Cool Place: Keep The Bottle Away From Direct Sunlight And Store It In A Cool, Dry Place.

    3. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children: Ensure That Children Do Not Have Access To The Product.

    Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Onigrow Hair Oil And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

    Marketer Details

    Name: Kriya Formulations

    Address. 190/ 1313 /779/1, Opp. K.E.B, Thilak Nagar, Sarjapur Road, Attibele Town, Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 562 107

    Country Of Origin: India

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