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  • Radiglow Ultra 20g

Radiglow Ultra 20g

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    Radiglow Ultra Cream

    Radiglow Ultra Cream Is An Effective Mixture Of Ingredients That Helps In Decreasing Skin Pigmentation. It Helps In Lightening The Skin By Preventing Melanin Formation And Soothes The Skin Making It Soft And Supple.

    Benefits of Radiglow Ultra Cream

    1.Skin Brightening: Radiglow Ultra Cream Combines Ingredients Like Tetrahydrocurcumin, Arbutin, And Licorice Known For Their Skin-Brightening Properties.

    2.Hyperpigmentation Management: Arbutin And Glycolic Acid May Aid In Managing Hyperpigmentation Issues.

    3.Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Tetrahydrocurcumin And Licorice Are Known For Their Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Potentially Soothing Irritated Skin.

    4.Exfoliation: Glycolic Acid, An Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (Aha), Provides Exfoliation Benefits, Promoting Smoother Skin.

    Ingredient of Radiglow Ultra Cream

    1.Tetrahydrocurcumin: A Derivative Of Curcumin With Antioxidant Properties And Potential Anti-Inflammatory Effects.

    2.Arbutin: Inhibits Melanin Production, Contributing To Skin Lightening And Addressing Hyperpigmentation.

    3.Tetrahydropiperine: May Enhance The Absorption Of Other Active Ingredients.

    4.Glycolic Acid: An Aha That Exfoliates The Skin, Helping To Remove Dead Cells And Improve Skin Texture.

    5.Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Offers Various Benefits, Including Skin Brightening And Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

    6.Licorice: Contains Compounds With Anti-Inflammatory And Skin-Soothing Properties.

    Warnings of Radiglow Ultra Cream

    1.Patch Testing: Perform A Patch Test Before Widespread Use, Especially For Individuals With Sensitive Skin, To Check For Any Adverse Reactions.

    2.Avoiding Eyes And Mucous Membranes: The Cream Should Not Come Into Contact With The Eyes Or Mucous Membranes. If Accidental Contact Occurs, Rinse Thoroughly With Water.

    Usage of Radiglow Ultra Cream

    1.Clean And Dry Skin: Apply Radiglow Ultra Cream To Clean And Dry Skin, Focusing On Areas Requiring Brightening Or Hyperpigmentation Management.

    2.Avoiding Overuse: Excessive Use Should Be Avoided, And The Cream Should Only Be Applied As Directed By A Dermatologist.

    3.Frequency Of Application: The Frequency Of Application Is Typically Directed By A Healthcare Professional, Often Applied Once Or Twice Daily.

    Side Effects of Radiglow Ultra Cream

    1.Mild Irritation: Some Individuals May Experience Mild Irritation, Redness, Or Dryness At The Application Site, Especially During The Initial Use. This Is Usually Temporary.

    2.Allergic Reactions: Although Rare, Allergic Reactions May Occur. Discontinue Use And Seek Medical Attention If Severe Reactions Develop.

    3.Sun Sensitivity: Some Ingredients May Increase Sensitivity To Sunlight. It Is Advisable To Use Sunscreen During The Day.

    Safety Information of Radiglow Ultra Cream

    1.Dermatologist's Guidance: While Radiglow Ultra Cream May Be Available Over-The-Counter, Consulting With A Dermatologist Is Recommended For Personalised Advice.

    2.Combination With Other Products: Avoid Using Products With Similar Active Ingredients Simultaneously To Prevent Potential Skin Irritation.

    3.Consistent Use: For Optimal Results, Use The Cream Consistently As Directed By A Dermatologist, Even If Improvements Are Noticed.

    Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Radiglow Ultra Cream And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

    Marketer Details

    Name: Caryota Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd.

    Address: 1342,Dr. Shivaramkaranth Nagar, M.C.E.C.H.S Layout,Yelahanka Hobli, Bengaluru North, Bengaluru-560 064

    Country Of Origin: India

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