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  • Retage Anti Ageing Cream 50g
  • Retage Anti Ageing Cream 50g

Retage Anti Ageing Cream 50g

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Retage Anti-Ageing Cream is a revolutionary skincare product designed to combat the signs of ageing and restore youthful vitality to your skin. Formulated with a blend of advanced ingredients, this cream targets wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, leaving you with a smoother, firmer, and more radiant complexion.


1. Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Retage Anti-Ageing Cream is formulated to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look smoother and more youthful.

2. Hydration: The cream provides deep hydration to the skin, helping to maintain its moisture balance and combat dryness.

3. Skin Firming: It contains ingredients that promote skin firmness, giving your skin a more youthful and toned appearance.

4. Improved Skin Texture: Regular use of this cream can help improve the texture of your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

5. Even Skin Tone: Retage Anti-Ageing Cream helps in reducing uneven skin tone and can be beneficial for those with age spots or pigmentation issues.


1.Retinyl Palmitate: Major form of vitamin A increases protein and collagen in skin and results in epidermal thickening.

2.Hyaluronic Acid: Have high water holding capacity thus increasing water content onto the skin for hydrating skin.

3.Centella Asiatica: Improve skin firmness, elasticity and reduce overall signs of ageing.

4.Green Tea Extract: Potent antioxidant combats signs of premature ageing, increases collagen and elastic fibre content.

5.Moringa Seed oil: Nutrient-dense oil, an antioxidant that helps in curbing the activity of free radicals, thus slowing down the process of ageing.

6.Grape Seed Oil: polyphenols have been known to not just slow the ageing process, but reverse signs of ageing, like sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

7.Vitamin E and Aloe vera: Moisturizes and soothes skin.


1. Patch Test: Before using the product, perform a patch test on a small area of your skin to check for any allergic reactions.

2. Sun Protection: This cream may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. It's essential to apply sunscreen during the day when using this product.

3. Avoid Eye Contact: Avoid applying the cream to the delicate skin around your eyes, as it may cause irritation.

4. Consult a Dermatologist: If you have specific skin conditions or are using other dermatological products, consult with a dermatologist before incorporating Retage Anti-Ageing Cream into your skincare routine.


1. Cleanse your face and pat it dry.

2. Apply a small amount of Retage Anti-Ageing Cream to your face and neck.

3. Gently massage the cream into your skin using upward and outward motions.

4. Use it at night, as some ingredients may make your skin sensitive to sunlight.

Side Effects:

1. Mild Irritation: Some individuals may experience mild redness, itching, or peeling when starting to use products containing retinol. This is usually temporary and can be reduced by using the product less frequently initially.

2. Sensitivity to Sun: Increased sensitivity to sunlight may occur; however, this can be managed by using sunscreen during the day.

Safety Information:

1. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

2. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

3. Do not use the product if you are pregnant or nursing without consulting a healthcare professional.

4. In case of severe skin irritation or an allergic reaction, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

5. Use the product as directed, and do not exceed the recommended application frequency.

Note: It is essential to read and follow the instructions provided with the specific brand or formulation of Retage Anti-Ageing Cream 50g and consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalised advice regarding its use in dermatology.


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