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  • Remoiz Cream 100g

Remoiz Cream 100g

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    Remoiz Cream

    Remoiz Cream Is A Moisturising Cream Designed To Moisturise And Treat Dry, Rough, Scaly, And Itchy Skin. The Cream Typically Contains A Variety Of Ingredients, Including Urea, Lactic Acid, Magnesium Chloride, Glycine, Sodium Chloride, Ammonium Chloride, And Glycerine. These Ingredients Work To Hydrate And Nourish The Skin, Improve Skin Texture, And Prevent Further Skin Damage.

    Benefits of Remoiz Cream

    1.Intensive Moisturization: Empowered With Urea, Remoiz Cream Provides Intense Hydration, Making It Suitable For Individuals With Dry Or Dehydrated Skin.

    2.Exfoliation: Urea Acts As A Gentle Exfoliant, Promoting The Removal Of Dead Skin Cells And Aiding In Skin Renewal.

    3.Barrier Repair: Urea Helps Strengthen The Skin Barrier, Reducing Moisture Loss And Enhancing Overall Skin Health.

    Ingredients of Remoiz Cream

    1.Urea: A Natural Moisturising Factor That Attracts And Retains Moisture In The Skin, Promoting Hydration.

    2.Lactic Acid: Hydrate And Nourish The Skin, Improve Skin Texture, And Prevent Further Skin Damage.

    3.Glycerin: Another Humectant That Enhances The Cream's Moisturising Properties.

    4.Ceramides: These Lipid Molecules Contribute To Skin Barrier Function And Help Prevent Water Loss.

    5.Vitamin E: An Antioxidant That Protects The Skin From Oxidative Damage.

    Warnings of Remoiz Cream

    1.Patch Test: Conduct A Patch Test Before Widespread Use, Especially For Those With Sensitive Skin Or A History Of Allergies.

    2.Avoid Broken Skin: Do Not Apply To Broken Or Irritated Skin, As It May Cause Stinging Or Discomfort.

    3.Consult Dermatologist: Individuals With Skin Conditions Or Concerns Should Consult A Dermatologist Before Using.

    Usage of Remoiz Cream

    1.Daily Application: Recommended For Daily Use, Particularly In The Evening After Cleansing.

    2. Apply On Damp Skin: Applying The Cream On Damp Skin May Enhance Its Moisturising Efficacy.

    3.Use On Targeted Areas: Can Be Applied To Specific Dry Or Rough Areas Of The Body, Such As Elbows, Knees, And Heels.

    Effects of Remoiz Cream

    1.Hydration: The Cream's Urea Content Helps Improve Skin Hydration, Making It Effective For Addressing Dry And Flaky Skin.

    2.Softening: Regular Use Can Contribute To Softer And Smoother Skin Texture.

    3.Barrier Enhancement: Urea And Ceramides Work Together To Strengthen The Skin Barrier, Providing Long-Lasting Protection.

    Safety Information of Remoiz Cream

    1.Pregnancy And Lactation: Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Individuals Should Seek Advice From A Healthcare Professional Before Using Products Containing Urea.

    2.Avoid Contact With Eyes: Users Should Avoid Contact With Eyes And Rinse Thoroughly If Contact Occurs.

    3.Discontinue Use In Case Of Adverse Reactions: Discontinue Use If Irritation, Redness, Or Other Adverse Reactions Occur And Consult A Healthcare Professional.

    4.Store In A Cool Place: Store The Cream In A Cool, Dry Place, Away From Direct Sunlight.

    Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Remoiz Cream And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

    Marketer Details

    Name: Talent India

    Address: 1601, Karnavati Estate, Gidc, Phase Iii, Vatva, Ahmedabad 382445, Gujarat, India.

    Country Of Origin: India

    Expires On Or After: August, 2025


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