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  • Salisia TV Lotion 50ml

Salisia TV Lotion 50ml

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Salisia Tv Lotion

Salisia Tv Lotion Is A Topical Skincare Product That Has Gained Popularity In The Indian Dermatology Landscape. It Is Primarily Used For Various Skin Conditions And Is Known For Its Unique Ingredients And Potential Benefits. Salisia Tv Lotion Contains Ketoconazole Which Belongs To The Group Of Medicines Called Antifungals. It Is Used In Adults To Treat Fungal And Yeast Infections Which May Appear On The Skin Of The Hands, Feet, Genital Area, Trunk, Groin, Scalp, Face, Chest Or Back.

Benefits Of Salisia Tv Lotion:

1. Treatment Of Psoriasis: Salisia Tv Lotion Is Primarily Prescribed For The Treatment Of Psoriasis, A Chronic Skin Condition Characterised By Red, Scaly Patches On The Skin.

2. Anti-Inflammatory: It Contains Salicylic Acid, Which Helps Reduce Inflammation And Redness Associated With Psoriasis.

3. Exfoliation: The Lotion's Exfoliating Properties Help To Remove Dead Skin Cells, Promoting Smoother Skin Texture.

4. Scaling And Itch Relief: Salisia Tv Lotion Helps In Reducing The Excessive Scaling And Itching Often Associated With Psoriasis, Providing Relief To Patients.

Ingredients Of Salisia Tv Lotion:

1. Ketoconazole: The Active Ingredient In Keto Lotion, Ketoconazole, Is An Antifungal Medication That Targets The Growth Of Fungi On The Skin.

2. Other Ingredients: The Lotion May Also Contain Inactive Ingredients Like Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, And Glycerine For Texture And Moisturising Effects.

Warnings Of Salisia Tv Lotion:

1. Prescription Required: Salisia Tv Lotion Is Available By Prescription Only And Should Be Used Under The Guidance Of A Dermatologist.

2. Avoid Sensitive Areas: Avoid Applying The Lotion To Sensitive Areas, Such As The Face, Eyes, Or Mucous Membranes.

3. Allergic Reactions: If You Are Allergic To Any Of The Ingredients, Discontinue Use Immediately And Consult Your Dermatologist.

Usage Of Salisia Tv Lotion:

1. Cleanse Affected Area: Start By Gently Cleansing The Affected Area With A Mild Soap Or Cleanser And Pat Dry.

2. Apply Sparingly: Apply A Thin Layer Of Salisia Tv Lotion To The Affected Skin, Making Sure Not To Rub It In Vigorously.

3. Frequency: Typically, It Is Applied Once Daily, Or As Directed By Your Dermatologist.

4. Follow Instructions: Follow The Specific Instructions Provided By Your Dermatologist For Your Condition.

Side Effects Of Salisia Tv Lotion:

1. Skin Irritation: Some Individuals May Experience Mild Skin Irritation, Redness, Or Burning Upon Application. If These Symptoms Persist Or Worsen, Consult Your Dermatologist.

2. Dryness: Salisia Tv Lotion May Cause Dryness, Especially During The Initial Period Of Use. Moisturising The Skin As Directed By Your Dermatologist Can Help Alleviate This.

Safety Information Of Salisia Tv Lotion:

1. Avoid Sun Exposure: It Is Advisable To Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure And Use Sunscreen While Using Salisia Tv Lotion As It May Increase Skin Sensitivity.

2. Pregnancy And Nursing: Consult With Your Dermatologist Before Using This Product If You Are Pregnant, Planning To Become Pregnant, Or Nursing.

3. Keep Out Of Reach: Store The Lotion Out Of Reach Of Children And In A Cool, Dry Place.

4. Follow Dermatologist's Guidance: Always Follow Your Dermatologist's Advice And Instructions Regarding The Usage Of Salisia Tv Lotion.

Note: It Is Essential To Read And Follow The Instructions Provided With The Specific Brand Or Formulation Of Salisia Tv Lotion And Consult A Dermatologist Or Healthcare Professional For Personalised Advice Regarding Its Use In Dermatology.

Marketer Details

Name: Ajanta Pharma Ltd

Address: Ajanta House, Charkop, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400 067, India

Country Of Origin: India

Expires On Or After: May, 2026


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