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  • Sertacide B Cream 10g

Sertacide B Cream 10g

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Sertacide B Cream is a potent topical medication designed to treat a variety of fungal and bacterial infections, including athlete's foot, eczema, and impetigo. This dual-action cream combines the power of two active ingredients: an antifungal that prevents fungal growth and a broad-spectrum antibiotic that halts the growth of bacteria. Its targeted action makes it an effective solution for managing symptoms such as redness, itching, and discomfort, ensuring quick relief and recovery.

Benefits of Sertacide B Cream

1. Dual-Action Formula: Effectively treats both fungal and bacterial skin infections, reducing the need for multiple medications.

2. Rapid Symptom Relief: Provides quick relief from itching, redness, and discomfort associated with skin infections.

3. Prevents Spread: Helps prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the body or to other people.

Ingredients of Sertacide B Cream

1. Clotrimazole: An antifungal agent that fights a wide range of fungal skin infections by disrupting the cell membrane of the fungi.

2. Betamethasone Dipropionate: A corticosteroid that reduces inflammation, redness, and itching.

3. Miconazole Nitrate: Broad-spectrum antifungal that also acts against some bacteria.

Warnings of Sertacide B Cream

1. For External Use Only: Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Avoid Prolonged Use: Long-term use can lead to skin thinning and other side effects; use only as directed by a healthcare provider.

3. Skin Sensitivity Test: Conduct a patch test before regular application to ensure no hypersensitivity to the ingredients.

Usage of Sertacide B Cream

1. Application: Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly before applying a thin layer of the cream twice daily or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

2. Treatment Duration: Continue using the cream for the full duration prescribed, even if symptoms improve, to prevent recurrence of the infection.

3. Hygiene Practices: Wash hands before and after applying the cream to prevent spreading the infection.

Side Effects of Sertacide B Cream

1. Skin Irritation: May cause burning, stinging, or itching at the application site. Usually, these symptoms are mild and temporary.

2. Thinning of the Skin: Prolonged use of corticosteroids may lead to skin thinning and other dermatological issues.

Safety Information of Sertacide B Cream

1. Monitor Treatment Area: Regularly check the condition of the treated area for improvements or potential side effects and consult a healthcare provider as necessary.

2. Use with Caution in Pediatrics: Consult a pediatrician before using this cream on children, as they are more susceptible to side effects from corticosteroids.

3. Contraindications: Not suitable for individuals allergic to any of its ingredients. Be cautious if you have pre-existing skin disorders or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; consult a healthcare provider.

Note: Always adhere to the instructions provided by your healthcare provider. Avoid using other topical medications on the affected area unless directed otherwise to prevent interactions.

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