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Spoo Baby Shampoo

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Spoo is gentle, mild, tear-free and sulphate-free shampoo specially formulated for your baby’s fine and delicate hair.

Spoo has ingredients that are extremely mild but very efficient in cleansing and moisturizing the hair and scalp.
It helps in maintaining the texture of the hair and gives the required shine and softness.


Disease Overview

Cradle cap is a very common scalp disorder which affects the new-borns in their early weeks and may extend till 3-6 months. It begins as a flaky scalp and may progressively worsen to a yellow scale on the scalp.


Directions of use


Rinse hair and scalp with water.

Take the required amount of Spoo baby shampoo in the palms and blend the product into a lather.

Massage baby scalp and hair.

Rinse off completely with water.



Unlike other regular shampoos that make the scalp and hair dry, frizzy, brittle and rough, Spoo baby shampoo is designed to cleanse the scalp.

Maintains the natural pH of the scalp.

Spoo is also helpful in preventing and treating cradle cap.




Oramix NS 10

Coco betaine


PEG Dimethicone

Warnings & precaution:

 Spoo is strictly for external use only.

Trivia & myth busters


Cradle cap is a fungal infection.


Cradle cap is not a fungal infection. Cradle cap is a self-limiting condition caused by maternal hormones which can be easily taken care of by daily shampooing with mild baby shampoo, brushing away the scales with a soft brush.



Cradle cap is contagious.


Cradle cap is not contagious and is not caused by poor hygiene or an allergy. Cradle cap usually appears in babies in the first two months and clears up without treatment within weeks to a few months


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