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Information about Urofizz Sachet

Urofizz Sachet contains Cranberry extract, Saliva Officinalis Extract, and D-mannose as major ingredients.

Key benefits/uses of Urofizz Sachet:
Role of active ingredients:
- Cranberry extract: Works for urinary tract infections by making the urine acidic and, therefore, stops the growth of bacteria. It is used for kidney stones, neurogenic bladder, to deodorize urine in people with difficulty controlling urination, to prevent urine catheters from becoming blocked. Cranberry is also used to increase urine flow, and kill microbes.
- D-mannose: Used for preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and treating carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome, which is an inherited metabolic disorder. It prevents certain kinds of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and protects from the infection

Directions for use/Dosage:
- As directed by the physician

Safety information:
- Do not exceed the recommended dose
- Read the label carefully before use
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children

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