• Vitibex%20Kid%20Tab
  • Vitibex%20Kid%20Tab
  • Vitibex%20Kid%20Tab

Vitibex Kid Tab

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    Vitibex Kid Tablet is a combination of essential nutrients that work by helping the body to use more of the calcium found in foods for healthy bones.

    Key Ingredients:
    • Calcium Pantothenate 25mg
    • Calcium phosphate 25mg
    • Copper Sulphate 200mcg
    • Folic Acid 0.5mg
    • Glutathione 2mg
    • L-phenylalanine 200mg
    • Methylcobalamin 10mcg
    • Selenomethionine 25mcg
    • Tyrosine 50mg
    • Vitamin B6 1mg
    • Vitamin D3 100 I.U.

    Key Benefits:
    • Calcium Pantothenate ensures the adequate supply of calcium to bones, prevents bones from breaking easily, especially bones in the spine
    • Folic Acid helps the body to make healthy new cells
    • Glutathione is known as the "master antioxidant", essential for healthy immune function and the body's detoxification processes
    • Methylcobalamin: Essential nutrient that helps the body make healthy nerve cells, prevents and treats low vitamin b12 levels
    • Selenomethionine: Essential for normal functioning of thyroid gland, heart, immune system and management of healthy cholesterol levels
    • Vitamin B6 helps growth and good health
    • Vitamin D3 is used to prevents or treats low Vitamin D levels

    Directions For Use:
    One capsule one-two times daily or as directed by the physician

    Safety information:
    • Keep out of the reach and sight of children
    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
    • Store in a cool‚ dry and dark place
    • Protect from the direct sunlight

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