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Best Products to Get a Healthy Growing Beard

Posted on November 29th, 2023 12:59 PM


Having facial hair is common among many men and can appear as a trend, by showing off their beard styles and the way they look. But there are a few men out there who are unable to grow their beard after many trials at home or the products used. Let's look at the reasons why your beard isn't growing well. 

Reasons for less Beard growth

  • Genes – Children of parents or relatives with sparse beard tend to have sparse beard  
  • Hormones - Testosterone levels can affect the growth of the beard as well. Excess alcohol consumption and certain medications can cause low testosterone levels in the body. 
  • Alopecia – Other alopecia conditions/diseases can induce hair loss in beard area. 
  • Age - Age can play a major role in beard growth. As your age increases the growth of your beard decreases. 
For these reasons, there are many treatments or products that help the growth of your beard. 


  • A proper diet and an active lifestyle can help your beard growth 
  • Intake of vitamins in case of vitamin deficiency 
  • Getting rid of bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking 
  • Manage your stress levels 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids 
  • Medications or products containing Minoxidil

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a product commonly used for beard hair growth. It is mostly used for the scalp and sometimes for beard hair growth. Doctors suggest using Minoxidil carefully, in case it's applied in the wrong place it may stimulate hair growth. The results with its use are however, variable in beard growth.

With a better lifestyle and a healthy diet along with proper management of your beard, you can grow your facial hair better and healthier. If it's caused by any other diseases or hair loss, consulting a dermatologist as early as possible can help you.

At Cutiskart, you’ll get a number of pharmaceutical products to improve the growth of your beard. Once you consult a dermatologist, they will recommend the best hair care product online . You can either book your products from the site or from an App from Google Play Store or the Apple store.


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