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Essential Tips to Keep Your Nails Safe and Healthy

Posted on November 29th, 2023 01:07 PM


Worried about how to clean your nails and make them look healthy and beautiful, just like those pictures you find them online. First of all, maintaining your nails is not a tedious task. You don't have to visit a salon every now and then. Your toenails and fingernails can be kept clean even at home.  So, let's look at a few tips on how to keep your nails safe and healthy

Keep your nails clean and dry 

Just as you wash your hands, wash your nails with a mild soap, or a nail brush to remove the dirt set within the nail folds and the outer part of the nail. Don't forget to dry them after cleaning your nails with a soft cloth.

Take care of your nails and be gentle with them 

Don't use your nails for work that can make them brittle or can break your nails. You can wear your gloves while washing dishes or any other house chores. Be gentle with them.

Trim your nails regularly 

It's important to trim your nails regularly, as the dirt can sit within the nail causing infections. Trimming is the first step to grooming your nails and keeping them healthy and clean. Do not trim too much and make sure there are no abrasions on the nail folds while trimming.

Clean your nail tools as well 

Don't forget to clean your nail tools, as these tools are the first ones to have bacteria and germs. Clean them with soap and hot water, so as to avoid any infections in your nails.

Moisturize your nails and cuticles 

Your cuticles and nails should be moisturized so as to reduce dry flaky skin around the nails, which gives your nails a healthy and hydrated look., either day or at night before going to bed.

Add protein-rich food or supplements to your diet 

Protein-rich foods like fish, beans, milk, etc., help in improving your nails, even adding supplements to your diet like vitamins and supplements rich in biotin, and fish oils can give you stronger and healthier nails. 

By adding these simple tips to your daily lifestyle, you can make sure that your nails are safe and healthy. In case you find your nails are discolored, swollen, brittle, or soft, nails that have lines or ridges on them, better consult your dermatologist and treat them early to avoid complications. 

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