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  • Similac Advance No1 Powder 400g

Similac Advance No.1 Powder 400g

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Similac Advance No 1 Powder

Similac Advance stage1 is a spray-dried infant milk substitute for newborn babies up to 6 months. Similac Advance is an iron-fortified feeding formula with nutrient composition clinically shown to support infants’ growth and development.

Benefits Of Similac Advance No 1 Powder:

1. Nutrient-Rich Formula: Similac Advance NO 1 Powder provides essential nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of infants.

2. Supports Skin Health: The balanced combination of ingredients, including whey protein concentrate and antioxidants, may contribute to overall skin health in infants.

3. Provides Energy: Ingredients like lactose and maltodextrin serve as a source of energy for growing babies.

4. Supports Eye Health: Lutein, an antioxidant present in the formula, is known to support eye health and development in infants.

Ingredients Of Similac Advance No 1 Powder:

1. Whole Milk Powder: Provides essential nutrients including protein, fat, and calcium.

2. Lactose: A natural sugar found in milk, providing energy and promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

3. Maltodextrin: A carbohydrate derived from starch, serving as an additional energy source.

4. Edible Vegetable Oil: A blend of soy oil, high oleic sunflower oil, and coconut oil, providing essential fatty acids necessary for growth and development.

5. Whey Protein Concentrate: A source of high-quality protein essential for muscle growth and development.

6. Taurine: An amino acid important for brain and eye development.

7. Potassium Citrate: Acts as an acidity regulator.

8. L-Carnitine: Plays a role in energy metabolism.

9. Antioxidant (Mixed Tocopherols): Helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

10. Lutein: Supports eye health and development.

Warnings Of Similac Advance No 1 Powder:

1. Allergy Concerns: Care should be taken if the infant has known allergies to any of the ingredients, especially milk and soy.

2. Consultation: It's advisable to consult a paediatrician before introducing any new formula to an infant's diet.

3. Storage: Ensure proper storage of the formula to prevent contamination and spoilage.

4. Proper Preparation: Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully regarding the preparation of the formula to avoid any risks of contamination.

Usage Of Similac Advance No 1 Powder:

1. Follow the recommended dosage and preparation instructions provided on the product packaging or as advised by a healthcare professional.

2. Use clean and sterilised bottles and utensils for preparing and feeding the formula to the infant.

3. Do not use the formula if the packaging is damaged or tampered with.

4. Store the formula in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Side Effects Of Similac Advance No 1 Powder:

1. Digestive Issues: Some infants may experience mild digestive issues such as gas or bloating when transitioning to a new formula. If these symptoms persist or worsen, consult a healthcare professional.

2. Allergic Reactions: In rare cases, infants may experience allergic reactions to certain ingredients in the formula. Seek medical attention if any signs of allergic reactions, such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing, occur.

Safety Information Of Similac Advance No 1 Powder:

1. Keep the formula out of reach of children.

2. Store the formula in a secure place to prevent accidental ingestion.

3. Follow proper hygiene practices when preparing and handling the formula to minimise the risk of contamination.

4. Discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional if any adverse reactions occur.

Note: It is essential to read and follow the instructions provided with the specific brand or formulation of Similac Advance NO 1 Powder and consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalised advice regarding its use in dermatology.

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